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Abujaber Investments (the Group) is a privately held Jordanian company established in 1944. The Group is ranked as one of the 20 largest business conglomerates in Jordan. Abujaber Investments holds significant interest in a myriad of industries within Jordan and abroad, ranging from telecommunications, real estate, banking, hospitality, technology, beverages, pharmaceuticals, insurance, and veterinary and agricultural products. The Group is currently a major shareholder in the following companies in Jordan amongst others:



Public Shareholding Company

General Investment Company

Public Shareholding Company


Public Shareholding Company

Real Estate - Talabay

Public Shareholding Company


Public Shareholding Company


Private Shareholding Company


Public Shareholding Company

Audio Visual Media

Limited Liability Company

Abujaber Investments is renowned as a pioneer. During the 1990s, the Group led the telecommunications and technology revolution in Jordan, through introducing GSM mobile services, ISP services, and mobile content services for the first time. At the turn of the century, the Group shifted its focus to the real estate and hospitality industries, creating the first integrated real estate community project in Jordan –  TalaBay Resort in Aqaba.

Over the years, the Group has had no shortage of international partners and stakeholders. The Group executed several regional land mark transactions in the late 1990s. All divested companies remain market leaders in their respective businesses to this day, highlighting its successful entrepreneurship and early management capabilities.

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